The Best Paid Figma Design Courses [Updated 2022]

Michael Wong Nov 15, 2021 • 10 min read
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Ready to take your UX/UI design and Figma skills to the next level? Taking a paid online course is your key to success. 

There are an infinite number of free Figma and UX/UI design resources available online (including The Designership’s game-changing YouTube channel). But if you’re looking to truly invest in your future—it’s time to enrol in a paid UX/UI design course. 

Enrolling in a paid UX/UI & Figma course is great for a number of reasons. You’ll be able to:

  • Study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace: online courses give you the ultimate control. 
  • Study and learn alongside your full-time job: no need to go on a student budget to support your education
  • Become a Figma master as a side-hustle: hello, extra income!
  • Upskill and build your resume: help your resume will stand out from the rest 

And, the number one reason you should take an  online course in Figma: 

  • Figma gives you universal design skills: once you master Figma, you can easily and seamlessly transfer your skills to other platforms. 

Need we say more? 

To help remove some of the guesswork, here is our handy list of the best paid Figma and UX/UI design courses. 

Master Figma & UI: The Best Paid Courses 

The Designership

Best Paid Figma Courses - Cover
Designership – The Ultimate Figma Masterclass

Shameless plug! 

With over 1,500 paid students learning essential skills to help set them up for success, it’s no doubt that our Ultimate Figma and UI Masterclass is one of the most effective (and awesome) courses on the market. 

The Designership’s Ultimate Figma and UI Masterclass has been created by a real-world designer, for real-world designers. For a one-time payment, you’ll get access to 70+ lectures and lessons covering every Figma and design topic under the sun. (Plus, lessons in Animations and Prototyping: coming soon!)

In this course, you’ll be learning in-depth end-to-end design skills to help you level up your design game. This includes the all-important advanced file, project management and organisation for an end-to-end design process. You’ll also be able to master responsive UI design with advanced Autolayout techniques, become a pro with smart animation, and discover an advanced and systematic way to design for web and UI design. 

You’ll also be given a clear step-by-step process to building a design system using advanced techniques from scratch. For more info on design systems, check out our Figma Design System for over 200 interactive components and responsive autolayouts. It’s pretty incredible! 

What sets this course apart from the rest is the focus the Designership places on real-world design skills. After all, being a great designer requires more than just good practical skills. That’s why this course also includes lessons on working as a designer as a career. Look forward to an exact blueprint of how to present and walkthrough designs with stakeholders—no more last-minute pre-meeting panic. You also learn the subtle art of working with, and not against clients to help make a design more than just something that’s good to look at. 

As a bonus, The Designership has an incredibly strong community behind it. Thousands of like-minded designers from across the globe are able to connect with each other, bounce ideas, and troubleshoot designs. With close to 1M views on the Designership’s YouTube channel and thousands of answered comments and discussions, you’re never alone in this community.

For lifetime access to the course, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $158. 

The only thing missing from this course? The basics of Figma. Why? Because you can already learn the basics of Figma for free with us. That’s right, we already teach you all the basic how-tos, tricks, and shortcuts for Figma for free on YouTube and in our free Figma Crash Course. By taking a free course first, you can hit the ground running. This means more time learning and elevating your freelance, agency, and design career. 


Coursera - Figma Courses
Coursera – Figma Course

As a partner of more than 200 universities and companies, Coursera has a more formalised, job-ready approach to online education. Many university students across the world use Coursera as a platform for subject credits. 

Their Google UX Design Professional Certificate is powered by Google itself and has around 290K students enrolled. Moreover, the most useful part of this course is getting the Google certified completion certificate—great for CVs and job hunting. 

This course includes Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma which can be enrolled in as a mini-course. Where it stands out (and where many other courses fall flat) is the focus on conducting research. Finding and recruiting research participants is a critical skill in design, and there’s an art to recruiting user research participants without going broke (in fact, here are our 6 secret hacks to getting those participants on a budget!).

In the last lesson of the course, you’ll create your own case study and portfolio website which is then peer-reviewed. It’s worth noting that it would be better to have a professional review your work instead as students are still learning and don’t see advanced opportunities. But, it’s still useful as peer-review is essential in design to help cultivate creativity and can be a good networking opportunity. 

This particular course is a huge investment and is best suited for beginners looking for a completely immersive experience. The main UX Design course runs for approximately 10 hours a week for 6 months. For the Figma course on its own, you’re looking at around 33 hours total. 

This course comes with a 7-day trial, and then costs $53 per month. 

Interestingly, when it comes to pricing, Coursera says: “go as fast as you can – the faster you go, the more you save.” While this may be a cute message to those on a budget, it does place a higher emphasis on completing the lessons as fast as possible rather than getting the most out of the course. If you’re willing to pace yourself sensibly and invest, Coursera is perfect. But if you’re learning on a budget, then steer clear of this pricing structure. 


Skillshare - Figma Courses
Skillshare – Figma Course

With a huge list of inspiring courses taught by working industry professionals, Skillshare has quickly become a favourite for many. The community is a little smaller than other online education platforms, but the courses are just as good. 

A great course to look into on Skillshare is Figma UI UX Design Essentials, run by Adobe-certified designer Daniel Scott. The course has 111 lessons and almost 12 hours of content and is tailored for absolute beginners to the Figma and UX design game.

Scott has over 96K followers on Skillshare and moderates several design-dedicated communities across social media. Likewise, his public Facebook group, Bring Your Own Laptop, has over 31K followers, offering a big opportunity to rub shoulders with fellow Figma-enthusiasts.

In this course, you’ll first learn about what it means to be a UX/UI designer, the definitions of UX and UI, and what each role entails (as we said, the course is best for absolute beginners). Students are then led through creating simple wireframes, implementing colours and images, and working with components, constraints, and multi-dimensional variants. The course does explore other advanced topics including smart animate and design systems but doesn’t go too in-depth with them. 

One of the advantages of learning through Skillshare is getting access to the library of courses. Subscription is $17.99 per month ($215.88 billed annually) after a 7-day trial. 


Udemy - Figma Courses
Udemy – Figma Course

Home to thousands of lessons, instructors, and fellow design students, Udemy has plenty of courses for budding UX/UI designers. Many courses on Udemy are free to enrol in, but the best courses will cost. If you are on the lookout for a free UX/UI design course, you can check out this list of the best UX/UI design courses of 2022. 

On Udemy, you can choose a course to suit your learning style, level of experience, and preferred course time length. Course lengths range from under an hour in length to 10+ hours. 

For UX/UI design and Figma, the best course on the site is Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training by Caleb Kingston. The full price for this cost ranges around $124.99, but if it’s on sale, it can be as low as $37.99. This course is suited for beginner designers or seasoned UI/UX designers who are ready to make the switch from other tools like Sketch or Adobe XD

With close to 47 lectures, this course takes you through Figma pretty thoroughly. You’ll be exploring the Figma interface, discovering how design systems can be used to organise and enhance designs, learning some shortcuts to help streamline your design process, and setting up new projects. 

The course involves designing and prototyping a “Chef’s Recipes” App, including the creation of multiple artboards, custom icon designs, and editing images and text. As Kingston points out, creating apps in the course helps to give you a realistic idea of what it’s like working as a designer on projects rather than designing as a hobby. 

Kingston also runs a dedicated community on social media for students and other users. He is also renowned for being incredibly active in answering questions on the platform. However, due to the nature of Udemy (similar to other mass online education platforms), it’s a little trickier to network with other designers.

Another course to consider on Udemy is the Learn Figma: User Interface Design Essentials – UI/UX Design, by Arash Ahadzadeh. his course includes a whopping 150 lectures. In this course, you’ll learn to create an interactive prototype with micro-interactions, build a mobile app, and create your own logos. 

Although it’s aimed at beginners, some aspects of Figma and design are skimmed over a little bit in this course. Because of this, it’s best suited for those comfortable with hotkeys and shortcuts early on. As this course comes with more content (a lot more content than other courses on Udemy) it’ll cost around $159.99. 


Memorisely - Figma Course
Memorisely – Figma Course

If you’re someone who thrives on learning in a classroom environment, then Memorisely is the course for you. Memorisely runs four “boot camp” courses: UX/UI Design, UI Design, Design Systems, and Accessible Design. 

Both the UX/UI Design course and the UI Design course run for 10 weeks, while the other two courses run for 5 weeks. 

Beginner designers looking for a UX bootcamp can consider the UX UI Design boot camp. You’ll be attending virtual classes twice a week for 10 weeks, with an additional 4-6 hours of homework a week. In this course, you’ll be joining 15 other UX/UI designers from around the world for live Zoom classes. 

In the course, you’ll be collaborating and creating along with your fellow classmates in Figma, Miro, and Notion. Along with all the important UX/UI design skills, you’ll also be working with design systems, creating a series of case studies, and publishing your UX/UI portfolio. 

As Memorisely is a live cohort the price points are higher. For the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, you’ll be paying either $2750 upfront or $2950 over 3 months.

Learning Figma

Figma Course
Figma Course

Learning Figma is a 10-lesson online course run by product designer Georgia Davis. In this course, you can learn how to design an iOS app from the ground up. Along with building an iOS app (a very lucrative skill to have), Davis also covers topics such as the basics of Figma, designing the Figma logo, Wireframing, Autolayout, and feedback and engineer handoff. 

With lots of experience in the product design field, Davis says that the course was inspired by her own design mentors who helped her to launch her own design career. The lessons have also been tailored to help those who struggle with learning design remotely (an issue many of us have struggled with since the start of COVID). 

This course is for beginner designers or designers new to certain features. As this is a smaller course, there is no opportunity to network or meet other designers taking the course. However, the great news is that you can purchase the course for a one-time payment of $49, with a 7-day refund policy. 



Figmaster is not technically a course in the traditional sense but is instead a paid plugin for Figma that operates as a workbook. Mateusz Wierzbicki, a product designer who specialises in creating design systems for Figma, is the creator of the plugin. An individual license for this plugin is $99.

This handy educational plugin is great for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to learning. The plugin comes loaded with a large set of exercises that guide you through building a design system.

Figmaster guides you through setting up all the required design tokens including defining proper grids, layouts, spacing, managing icons, and typographic scales. You can also learn how to build (and name) necessary components, and learn shortcuts and hotkeys to make your workflow better. As you complete the exercises in Figma, you’re simultaneously creating your component library and guide style.

Ready To Enrol, And Get The Ball Rolling On Your Design Career?

In short, there’s no single road to becoming a game-changing unicorn UX/UI designer. 

Everyone’s journey in design is unique, and everyone learns differently. But one thing is for certain: enrolling in a paid course is the best route to getting to where you’re going. Above all, you’re deciding to invest in your future, and you’re willing to pay to get the best educational experience possible for yourself. 

Find the right course for you, invest a little cash, and watch your design game become unforgettable. If you can combine your paid online course with as many free courses as possible, then that’s just absolute design magic. 

Best Paid Figma Courses Summary

PlatformCourseAverage RatingConvenience & LengthNetworking & CommunityPrice
The DesignershipUltimate Figma and UI Masterclass5 StarsAt your own pace. 70+ lectures, 7 hours plus additional resources A large community of like-minded designers, and a great opportunity to network and connect with others easily Lifetime access $148
CourseraGoogle UX Design Professional Certificate4.8 starsAt your own pace. 10 hours per week/6 monthsNo course-dedicated community. Free 7-day trial, $53/per month
SkillshareFigma UI UX Design Essentials86%At your own pace. 111 Lessons over 11.5 hoursA large community of students on social media. The instructor is very active in answering queries and questions about design.Free one month trial, then $17.99 per month billed annually
UdemyLearn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training4.5 StarsAt your own pace. 3.5 hours over 47 lecturesModest community on social media, the instructor is very active in answering queries. Full price ~$124.99 but can be bought on sale for as low as $37.99 (price is subject to fluctuations)
MemoriselyUX UI Design Boot Camp5 StarsGroup lessons 2x a week for 10 weeks, with an additional 4-6 hours of homework per weekClassmates and other alumni due to classroom environment$2750 upfront/ $2950 over a 3-month period
Learning FigmaLearning Figma5 StarsAt your own pace. Smaller course. No course-dedicated community.One-time payment of $49
FigmasterFigmaster5 starsPluginN/AIndividual license $99

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