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Why The Designership?

As a designer there are plenty of places to find inspiration, tools to improve work flow but there’s no trusted and active community of creatives to learn, share and grow with. That is where The Designership comes in!


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Plenty to share your experiences with.

Yes, we have a couple of thousand members but what’s more important is the sense of belonging. The Designership is much more than just a chatroom.

Be part of a community

A community you can rely on.

Create, share, discuss, and learn from being connected with like-minded individuals all with a passion for design & creating.

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Join a network with real people looking for real designers & developers. Be apart of our competitions to win yourself some fantastic prizes, ranging from Designership swag to free software.

Why are Designers joining The Designership?

Sense of community

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, everyone wants to feel like they’re a part of something. In The Designership, everyone comes together to help those in need and all voices are heard.

Instant feedback

Being a global community, there will always be someone around to give you feedback on the work you post. If you need something critiqued, we’ve got you. Always.


From freelancers to product designers, developers to web designers and more, The Designership is home to members from all over the world and a range of disciplines.

Building lasting relationships

Make friends, work together, have quality conversations with like-minded people about design and so much more. Go beyond networking.


See what other professionals are up to and find the spark you need to start that next big project you’ve been wanting to dive into.


Create something amazing together. There’s no shortage of talented people willing to offer their skills.


Learn from veteran designers and developers who have been right where you are now.


Keep up with the latest tools, books, plugins, articles, and more. All provided by and for our members.

Job opportunities

We know that sometimes job postings can go completely under the radar. Here at The Designership, you can find some awesome freelance, remote, or on-site opportunities. Or feel free to post your own.

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