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Glad to be part of this community! Met some really awesome people that will help elevate my career. A solid place to network on a global scale.

Esmond F Senior UX Designer

My name is Luca and I am studying UX Design right now.

I just wanted to share my appreciation for The Designership. I am part of the community, and I am reading a lot what other members wrote about certain topics. It helps me a lot!

Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

Luca Walther UX Designer

I’m so so happy to be part of this community Michael. You’re freaking inspiring man 🙌 🥳

Ludo Bourgoin Digital Consultant

Would I consider joining the The Designership? Yes, because a lot of people in the community are open-minded. This place is ideal if you want to make friends, start a freelance agency, or just want some advice. My focus was always to figure out how to start my own freelance brand or agency business. When I found Michael Wong, I found that God had spoken directly to me telling me I needed to join this community where I would get great advice and tips. If you pay for Netflix you can pay to level up yourself in 2021.

Brandon Powell UI Designer & Developer

That community is a great place for people who are in the early stage of their careers (like me!). Being surrounded by experienced designers allows me to grow and stay inspired!


I was looking  for a community where I could meet like minded people who are just as passionate about design as I am. Then luckily I found The Designership from a YouTube video. It’s been such a blessing since. All the members motivate & help each other out on a regular basis. It’s something that I need in this early stage of my career.

Tushar UX Designer

Designership PRO has been a breath of fresh air from many other communities. Because of the investment that people make to be a part of the group, you know that everyone is in it to succeed. While many people are looking at developing their design careers, we also support each other in the other aspects of life as well. The smaller community is jam-packed with motivated individuals, and is a space where we learn, not just from Mizko but also from one another.

Regina H UX Designer

The freelance life can be a lonely life. I found myself missing out on the community, the collaboration, and just general social interaction with other designers and developers. I joined The Designership Pro to be able to engage with, collaborate, learn from and maybe help others on their freelancing/designer career journeys. We’ve celebrated each other’s wins, been there for advice, feedback, and general conversation (so nice I have a crew to share design/dev industry memes with.)

Danny T Freelance UX Designer & Developer

Hey guys just wanted to share with you that I am just 3 days in the group and I already learned a lot of new stuff! The people here are so nice !!! Thank you guys !!!

Tal L UI Designer

If you are looking for community with dedicated focus to grow on UX design, a designer or building your own agency, The Designership Pro is the go to place. You will get support for everyone in the community and personally Mizko will help to you grow and answer all your questions. 

Vidhunnan UX Designer

The monthly videos calls are worth their weight in gold. I always come out of those sessions discovering something new 🔥

Stephen Asonye UX Designer
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