This article, Top UX Design Blogs, is part of our series for the new UX designer: How to Find UX Design Jobs: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (2021 Edition).

What are some of the best UX design blogs for beginners? You’re on one right now! As a leading UX design community, we provide industry news, resources, hot UX job listings, and career advice—all for free.

But The Designership isn’t the only place with resources for UX designers. Also, you can find advice, inspiration, and a switch in perspective on other UX websites. 

In this post, we’re sharing some of our favorite UX design blogs ever. Let’s get started.

UX Design Blogs: Our Top Picks

1. 52 Weeks of UX

This one is an oldie but a goodie. This beautifully designed website goes over one UX design principle each week. Read it every week or binge multiple issues in one sitting.

Top posts to check out:

2. Adobe Blog

Adobe’s blog offers a variety of content that’s relevant to UX design, including career advice, industry news, and stories of other creators.

Top posts to check out:

3. Awwwards Blog

This main site features beautiful, innovative, and well-designed websites. But the Awwwards blog offers advice to design pros.

Top posts to check out:

4. Boagworld

Paul Boag covers a lot of UX topics on his blog, including journey mapping and usability testing.

Top posts to check out:

5. CareerFoundry

The CareerFoundry blog is a treasure trove of UX information and provides a ton of career advice for novice UXers.

Top posts to check out:

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6. Creative Bloq

Not limited to UX, this site is a go-to for all sorts of design inspiration. 

Top posts to check out:

7. The Designership

Hey! That’s us.

Top posts to check out:


DesignerUp is a great place for UXers. Here you can learn about product design in particular and UX in general.

Top posts to check out:

9. Experience UX

This is a fantastic site for all designers. It offers design advice for new and experienced UXers alike.

Top posts to check out:

10. Growth.Design

This is one of my favorite sites. Plus, these guys are hilarious but informative. These comic-style case studies are easy reads.

Top posts to check out:

30 Additional UX Design Blogs for Beginners

Surprise! We’ve rounded up 30 more UX design blogs for beginners. Check them out:

  1. UX Booth
  2. LearnUI.Design 
  3. InVision Blog 
  4. UX Collective
  5. Interaction Design Foundation
  6. Justinmind 
  7. UX Design Weekly
  8. Koru UX 
  9. MarvelApp Blog
  10. UX Magazine
  11. Mockplus 
  12. Muzli 
  13. UX Mastery
  14. Nielsen Norman Group
  15. Smashing Magazine
  16. UX Matters
  18. Studio by UXPin
  19. UX Movement
  20. The UX Blog
  21. UXstudio
  22. UX Myths
  23. Usability Geek
  24. User Defenders
  25. UX Planet
  26. UserTesting Blog
  27. VWO 
  28. UX Writing Hub
  29. WebFlow Blog
  30. XD Ideas

The Bottom Line

You can find helpful UX design resources all over the web. We hope you’ve found new favorites from this list. 

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