Wideo: Create animated videos and presentations in minutes!

Videos are dominating the internet. But it’s for good reasons. Videos or motions can communicate better even when the concept is complex and difficult to understand. That’s why businesses and influencers are using video to communicate their ideas or market their products. But making videos is a tedious process. It’s also expensive and requires time and effort. But not with Wideo.

Wideo is a content creation tool that uses templates to help us create professional-quality videos. With no previous video or editing skill, anyone can make better videos for marketing, internal communication, and building social media authority.

Whether you are explaining a service or introducing a product, this tool can help you do that quickly. It has so many templates to use: from business to product to promotional. Some other powerful features are:

  • Animating objects easily
  • Create videos using templates or from scratch
  • Customize branded colours
  • Library of fonts, etc.

So, definitely try Wideo and create better videos for your business without any video or editing skills.