Typographic Scale Calculator – To help you choose the right font size from a harmonious type scale

Typography in UI or UX design has always been an important factor. If the typography isn’t good, the design won’t look elegant either. That’s why you, us a UI/UX designer must pay attention to typography. If you want to be good at it, one of the things you must understand is the typographic scale. In other words, you must master choosing the right font size for an app or a website. This tool will help you do that: Typographic Scale Calculator

Take a look at Typographic Scale Calculator. It helps you choose the right font size from a harmonious type scale. It’s super easy to use. At first, choose the base size, then the increment ratio, the number of sizes in the scale. You can even choose presets like Fibonacci, Lucas, and pentagonal series. Then you’ll be presented the typography scale that includes everything from the Heading 1 to Footnote. After you’re satisfied with the scale you can generate the CSS and use that in your web design projects.

This tool is really helpful if you’re into web design. So, try them out and improve your typography.