Think Kit: Think fast. Think Clearly.

No matter how powerful your design app is, when it comes to brainstorming, nothing can beat the pencil and paper. You can freely draw anything, design any concept without dealing with complex features. But what if there is an app that feels like you are using a pen and paper? What if you can design any concept quickly and easily, like Think Kit?

Take a look at Think Kit — an update to the powerful app Paper. With this kit, you can draw anything, write anything, put it on the canvas anything that comes to your mind. It’s so powerful that all you need to do is to draw a sloppy shape and a perfect shape will be created. You can draw diagrams, arrows, quickly fill them with colour, and so many other things. If you liike real paper, you will love using this.

So, take a moment to check this app. If you’re a UI/UX designer, this will give you so much value. You can quickly capture your interface right on iPad anytime you want, anywhere you want.