Beautiful templates for your Figma presentations.

Templatery is a collection of beautifully designed templates for your Figma presentions. If you are a UX/UI designer, you already know how important it is to work quickly, especially when the deadlines are strict and close, and you have to present your design. Besides, if you are a Figma user, changing from one software to another, exporting designs to create presentation documents takes time.

With this tool, you can make the entire presentation right inside Figma. There are some benefits to it:

  • Your designs will be in the same software
  • No need to export your design
  • Highly collaborative and sharable
  • If you know your shortcuts around Figma, everything becomes twice as easy.

Just check Templatery. They feature multiple well-designed free presentation templates. And each template has multiple slides. So, take a look at these resources, use them for your UX/UI design presentations, and saves your time and energy.

New to Figma? Grab some snacks or coffee and follow this video/guide to get you started.