Storyset – Awesome free customizable illustrations for your next project

Storyset: Illustrations will add a nice touch to your landing page. A good illustration can communicate even without a single word. That’s why UI/UX designers use illustrations in the app, websites or any other interface. What if you can use animated illustrations? It will make your interfaces more intuitive, right?

Take a look at Storyset — a website that offers free customizable illustrations. All the illustrations are free and fully customizable. But the fun part is, you can customize and animate each part of the illustrations right inside their platform.

You can change brand color, filter by various tags, and when editing is done, you can download them as SVG, PNG, GIF format. You will even get teh CSS code to use in your website. It’s a useful website that will make your designs more intuitive.

So, give this site a shot and use their powerful animation feature to enhance your creative designs.