10 things nobody told you about being creative

Whenever we are doing any sort of creative task, we all try to be authentic and original. But in the beginning, it’s not only hard to come up with an original idea but also a wrong approach to do it.

In the case of UI/UX design, there is no need to design an interface that’s no one has ever seen. What happens, if you don’t follow the works of others, how will you know what works or what not?

At the end of the day, no matter how original the idea is, there will always be some sort of resemblance among the works. All the UI has some sort of common elements. So, you don’t have to come up with a new idea every time you set out to work.

You can take inspiration from others’ works. You can always pick one or two things from the famous artist. As long as you are adding something new to it, you are right on track.

This is the premise of the book— Steal Like an Artist. In this book, author Austin Kleon talks about 10 things no one told us about being creative.

Give this book a shot. It’s a short book but packed with important insights. I will help you become more creative, create more arts, and feel less frustrated.

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