Shortcut your way through all your work

If you’re a UX or UI designer or designer in general, you know how many times you’ve to look for messages, feedback, documents, and so many things. It consumes a lot of time. You have to sign go to the site, log in, scroll to search for a single file or message. You need a better solution to solve this problem.

Here comes ‘Station’– A browser extension that helps you switch across all apps, documents, notes, and more. You will have a better time to search what you need.

Station has some other interesting features also:

  • Find anything quickly and effortlessly
  • Automatically shows the most used pages and recent history of all your apps
  • 670+ available apps
  • Centralize your workflow and all apps in a single place
  • Google search support

It’s a powerful and thoughtful app that actually solves your problem and increases your productivity. Especially UX/UI designers can largely benefit from this app to stay focused and get the work done faster.

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