Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

We all know that how difficult and costly it is to develop a new product and test it. What if there is a way to come up with a product and test it while saving time and money.

‘Sprint’ is a book that makes such promises. This book is written by the people who worked at Google. So, you know what you can expect from this book. This book features a system to solve big problems, and test new ideas within just five days.

If you are an entrepreneur or a designer or an employee working in an organization who needs to come up with a product or design, this book is for you. ‘Sprint’ tells you how you can take a small team, solve a problem, make a prototype and ultimately test it in just 5 days. This way you can save immense amounts of hours and other resources and still come up with visible results.

You should definitely check this book and site. The site has free resources, videos, checklists and so much more.