10 Ways to share your creativity and get discovered

In today’s highly competitive market, promotion is very essential. And when it comes to UI or UX designers, promoting you and your designs is not an option anymore. It has become a must! You must share your UX/UI design projects with the world to get new jobs and earn more money doing what you love. That’s why you must learn the art of self-promotion or sharing your works.

Austin Kelon’s book ‘Show Your Work!’ can be a great material to kick-start this process. This book talks about:

  • Ways to rethink your works
  • Building an audience base
  • Sharing the process
  • How to deal with the challenges that come with self-promotion

This is a short but action-oriented book to learn about ideas and ways to share your works with the world. It helps you grow your creative career and have more success in your life.

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