The best practices for building products — idea to launch.

Are you a UI or UX designer, building your very first product? or are you in the process of building your 2nd or 3rd product? Either way, take a look at this site – Product Checklist.

Product Checklist features a collection of best practices of different stages of a product design. Each stage features a list of actionable tasks and resources. It also recommends communities to follow, great tools to use, and other learning materials. Its an all-in-one place for product designers and UX/UI designers

It covers the following stages:

  •  Thinking of ideas
  • Building product
  • Launching your product
  • Metrics & Growth (Upcoming)

So, take a look at this useful site. No matter what stages of product design you are in, how experienced you are, you are going to find a use for this site.

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