Animate Your Ideas, Design Better Apps

Principle is a wonderful software that allows you to easily design animated and interactive UI. Whether you are designing for multi-screen apps, android, iOS, or web, Principle can help you create designs that look and feel amazing. With this, you can design short animation, slick interaction, or extensive multi-screen experience. All you need is your imagination. The rest will be done in Principle.

Amazing features that come with Principle:

  • Easy to use and familiar interface
  • Ability to import your designs from your favorite design tools.
  • Easy to design For Mobile, Web, and Desktop
  • With Principle Mirror for iOS, others can also view your designs on their device.
  • Native built for macOS

So, if you need to add motion to your design, try Principle. It a great software to easily add animation, interaction and give the user an ultimate experience.