Create Beautiful Color Schemes that works

Here comes another great Color Palette Generator for UI/UX designers. It’s developed by Muzli. ‘Muzli Colors’ is a site that features multiple useful tools related to the color palette. You can search by color code and it will show multiple palettes based on color schemes.

You can even upload an image to extract color palette from it. This site also features popular color pallets. You can download it, bookmark it and even share the link with your team and clients.

The most interesting feature is that whenever you select a palette or upload an image to extract colors, you will see Live UI Kit Demo based on those colors. You can also change colors, shades which will immediately reflect on the Live UI kit Demo. So you will know whether it will work or not? Isn’t that a great feature: especially for UI or UX designers?

There are also other features. Visit this great site to know more about it. And if you are a UX/UI designer, this tool might end up replacing your other color tools.