Stock photos by a movie-scale crew

Stock photos are important for UI design projects. So, if you are a UI designer or designer in any field, looking for free stock photos, keep this site bookmarked. Moose is a stunning stock photos site. These stock photos by Moose are well-shot, well planned, and very professional. The lighting is good and the images will fit any of your UX or UI design projects.

Some great features are:

  • All the images are free to download at a low resolution which is great for any web projects
  • You can remove the background of the many images. Even add preselected color or custom colors
  •  Thousands of pictures to shoot from
  • Professionally shot pictures
  • You can browse various categories.

Although there are many stock photos site, Moose is different. The pictures are relatable, humane and most importantly it’ll add personalities in your UI or UX design projects.