Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction

This book is quite different from the other UI/UX books. Unlike other books, it talks about taking inspiration from the interfaces from science fiction films and television shows.  Many of the interfaces in sci-fi films are really great and the interactions are quite intuitive. At least it looks visually appealing.

in ‘Make it So’ book, author Nathan Shedroff and Christopher Noessel explores how today’s designers can take inspiration from sci-fi movies and make the interfaces not only beautiful but also intuitive. It’s a well-researched book that is just as useful as other design textbooks.

Some of the interesting topics covered in this book are:

  • Lessons from the Science Fiction
  • Elements of Sci-fi user interfaces
  • Interaction designs
  • Future of design and augmented reality
  • Interfaces based on human activities.

This book doesn’t only talk about how great future interfaces can be, but also show how designers can make today’s interfaces better. It offers observation, tactics, images from various movies, and so many interesting things. Just give it a shot. You will love it.