If your business is going well, you’ll eventually want to scale.

But scaling can be a hassle for digital businesses, especially when it comes to maintaining a uniform brand identity.

If you’re struggling with defining and amplifying your brand identity, you’ll benefit by developing your own design system.

Invision Design System Manager (a.k.a. InVision DSM) makes managing your brand and UI components easy to do. With the right design system in place, you’ll be able to create a consistent brand identity and connect better with your target audience.

With InVision DSM, you can:

  • Access the libraries of assets within Sketch or InVision Studio
  • Create documentation for your team
  • Save multiple versions of the product and sync automatically with your team
  • Switch easily between multiple versions
  • Control access to who can view and edit libraries
  • Connect to a hosted code library

InVision DSM is not just a workflow tool. It’s a collaborative tool that helps you work well with a team to ensure the integrity and uniformity of your brand identity. InVision DSM is also a good option for solo designers who need to maintain a central location for their design system.