Handbook and teaching aid on color.

In any field of design, colors can make a difference in the human interaction with that design. So, understanding colors or color theory can also improve your UI or UX design. For this, you can read ‘Interaction of Color’.

This book is written by Josef Albers. It was originally published by Yale University Press in 1963. ‘Interaction of Color’ is considered a masterwork in 20th-century art education. It’s relevant and useful in any field of design. Even UX and UI designers today can largely be benefitted from this book.

This book talks about color theory, how colors influence behavior how famous fine arts used colors, film colors, various case studies on color. This book also has a lot of illustrations for you to properly understand color.

So, if you are a designer and want to improve your understanding of the impact of color, read this thoughtful book. It will also improve your UX and UI designs.