How to Build Habit-Forming Products

If you want to know why some products capture widespread attention while others failed to do it, read this book. If you want to build a product that becomes a habit for the users or at least take a place in the users’ daily routine, read this book. ‘Hooked’ is the result of years of research done by Nir Eyal. This book explains the Hook Model- A four-step process that is embedded into many successful products nowadays. By reading this book, you are going to have a thorough understanding of what makes a product successful and what makes it a flop.

Topics that are covered in ‘Hooked’:

  • Practical insights to create user habits that stick.
  • Actionable steps for building products people love.
  • Fascinating examples from the iPhone to Twitter, Pinterest to the Bible App, and many other habit-forming products.

No matter what discipline or background you are from, Hooked will provide you not some abstract theory but a how-to guide for building better products.