Features to boost productivity

While working with a team or clients, collaboration and getting feedback is an inevitable part of building a great product. But sometimes, especially in web design & development, it’s hard to give or receive feedback. But Heurio can make this task easier for people designing websites.

Heurio is a powerful collaboration tool for people who are in web design and development. It also accelerates the UX audits and copywriting process. With this tool, you can easily comment and give feedback to any area of a website. It’s easy to setup. Just install the Chrome extension, visit the website and start commenting and giving feedback.

Some of the exciting and useful features are:

  • Ability to communicate with live, embedded commenting
  • Set priorities on the identified problems/comments
  • Easily comment while being on the site.
  • Real-time visual communication directly on the site.
  • Easily identify potential problems with multiple heuristics systems

It’s a very thoughtful product that today’s designers need. Its intuitive interface and features make the team productive and creative.  And clients can easily comment on various areas of the site. In a word, Heurio is a useful tool for designers, builders, and copywriters.