Figma: Create a Design System

No matter what the project is, every UI or UX project takes time. It involves so many tasks and components creation. That’s why using a design system can save so much time. With a well-developed design system, designers don’t have to focus on creating reusable and unimportant design elements. Rather, they can focus on the most important – so try Figma: Create a Design System  out.

In this SkillShare class, the author shows you how you can build a design system for you or your company using Figma. You will learn how to create grids and layouts, choose colors, typography, and other important components. You will be learning how to create all of these right inside Figma, a free design tool for UI/UX designers.

If you’re into UI/UX design, learning to build a design system will dramatically impact how you approach your projects. It will make you more productive and at the same time a better designer. So, take this class and build a design system for your own projects or companies.