To operate at scale and peak efficiency, you must use a design system. A design system will unify your team and client around a common visual language. It will also help you establish and maintain uniformity across multiple products.

In Design Systems Handbook, you get an essential guide to understanding and implementing design systems. This book was co-written by respected thought leaders: Jina Anne (formerly Salesforce), Katie Sylor-Miller (Etsy), Diana Mounter (GitHub), Marco Suarez (InVision), and Roy Stanfield (Airbnb).

Here’s a look at what’s in the book:

  • An introduction to design systems
  • How to develop your design system
  • Practical advice for putting your design system into practice
  • Tips for expanding your design system
  • The future of design systems

With this book, you will get to know how many of the world’s top creative teams create, build, maintain, and grow design systems. Check it out now.