Becoming a design leader

What’ll happen if you suddenly move into a job that requires you to lead a team? What if you are building a product or starting a business? Do you know what you’re up to? This book ‘Design Leadership Handbook’ gives you a glimpse of what being a leader in the design field means. It will make you prepared for the challenges ahead and help you overcome the problems you face in the organization and team. Authors Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery will give you the knowledge you need to gain confidence, learn tactical approaches, and most importantly lead and support your team.

What’s in the book:

  • Becoming a design leader
  • Building the team
  • Managing a design team
  • Operationalizing design
  • Forging alliances
  • Shaping design vision
  • Multiple video interviews and audio clips from leading designers

So, grab this free book and start reading it to advance your career so that one day you become not only a designer but also a leader.