In any creative field, especially UI or UX design, continuous learning is the only option to grow. No matter how much experienced you are, you must learn how people think and act, what makes a product great, what goes into the mind of designers before creating a product. For this, Case studies can be a great resource to learn UI/UX design from the people who have already done it.

Check ‘Case Study Club’- a place to learn how people design digital products. It’s a newsletter service that gives you access to have curated UX case studies. With these great resources, you can learn the idea behind a product, what is the thought process, what is the problem, and why they choose a certain solution over others. You can learn a lot. It’s like having a birds-eye view to the product.

It also features interviews, articles, design examples, and whatnot. If you are into product design or UI/UX design, this will help you become a better thinker and ultimately a better designer. So check this out.

If you are new to UX design and looking for courses to learn and improve your skill, you should really check out this post: It’s our take on the top 10 UX design courses for complete beginners.