Actionable insights on how to successfully launch and grow your app.

Launching an app is no joke. It’s extremely difficult and requires a ton of works. Tech Prep, Marketing, Pre-launch, Post-launch, and so many diverse tasks we have to do. Having a checklist, made from real-life experience can be a lifesaver. That’s why we feature today, App Launch Checklist.

It features required tasks based on events or stages of app launch. In each step, there are recommended resources for you to have more insights. In short, this checklist gives you real-life app launch advice based on real experience.

This checklist covers the following:

  • Tech Prep
  • Marketing Prep
  • Pre-Launch
  • Brownie Points
  • Launch Day
  • Post Launch

So if you are a UI/UX designer planning to launch your next app, consider checking this list. It might help you launch your app the right way and become more successful.

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