100 Daily UI Challenge Library

UI/UX design is not easy. It takes practice to be good at it. But having something to refer to or using design systems can make the path a little bit easier. If you’re new to UI or UX design, this free resource is for you. It’s a complete gem for any level of designers.┬áTake a look at the 100 Daily UI Challenge Library.

It’s a free Figma resource that consists of so many useful content and ideas. With this, you’re getting:

  • 14000+ layers of content
  • 100 ideas to start your next project
  • Elements & screens to build any type of mobile app
  • Easily customizable
  • Free typeface

So, if you’re even new to Figma, you can use this resource to get better at it or even come up with your own ideas of UI/UX projects.