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Since I formed my very first design agency back in 2014, I realised the importance of having a scalable and re-usable design

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on annual plans for individuals and teams.


Since I formed my very first design agency back in 2014, I realised the importance of having a scalable and re-usable design system. The only way we were able to run 5-10 projects in parallel was a well managed design system.

However there are too many design systems on the market that are overly bloated with unnecessary components that never get used. The Designership Figma Design System has been created and refined to perfection. We have kept it lean but dynamic enough to accomodate for every new project!

???? Demo file:

Click here to view the Figma demo – ✨ v.1.2 Released on 21/5/2021!

Are you tired of..

  • Re-creating the exact same components for every single project?
  • Setting up components to be responsive?
  • Wasting time managing multiple projects with a dis-organised design system?
  • Figuring out and setting up all the basics and fundamentals for a new project?

We’ve got you covered!

  • 200+ components and systems you will use EVERYDAY
  • We’ve focused on the core components that will save you HOURS
  • Avoided bloating our design system with unnecessary components that you will never use
  • 100% Responsive elements with Autolayout
  • 100% Interactive components for better prototypes
  • And so much more..

The design system is perfect for..

  • Design graduates and junior designers: Understand how to build the fundamental building blocks to get started in UI design.
  • Senior designers: Get equipped with the perfect design system that is not bloated with unnecessary components, but just the right amount of fundamentals to set the foundation for every new project.
  • Product managers: Avoid wasting time and get right into the meat of what you want to create with the design system, with everything you need.
  • Anyone else that may be working within Figma. If you don’t want to waste time and speed up your entire process, this is what you need.

What’s in this design system?

  • File Setup: 100% interactive components setup, 100% responsive autolayout
  • Atoms: Color system, Typography, Spacing, Grids, Drop Shadows.
  • Molecules: Alerts, Accordians, Avatars, Breadcrumbs, Buttons, Checkboxes, Dropdowns, Progress bars, Paginations, Sliders, Tabs, Text inputs, Toggles, Modals
  • Templates: Homepage, Landing pages
  • Lifetime updates: We will have a bunch of new templates coming out soon.
  • 24 categories on components, templates and more
  • Icons are from the Feature Icons Open Source Library – https://feathericons.com/

Any questions or concerns..

Please email me directly on mizko [at ] prodbackup2022.wpengine.com ✨

What designers have said..

I’m so excited I just purchased @themizko design system. He’s already answered one of my questions in his intro video!
— Michelle Zhu (UX Designer @ Melbourne, Australia)

hec. yeah. Just purchased the design system! so organised! love it
— Daniel Rad (UX Designer @ Sydney, Australia)

It’s amazing <3
— Ioannnify

Thank you for v1.2!!!! I love it and the videos are super useful.
— Scott Collins (Agency @ Netherlands)


V.1.2 (21/5/2021):

  • Instructions added to file
  • Color palettes now cater for 10 shades
  • Icons are now connected to the color system
  • Alerts now leverage master components
  • Accordians now leverage master components
  • Buttons have been updated stylistically
  • Forms now leverage master components
  • Inputs now leverage master components
  • 96+ more input variations added
  • 48+ more tooltip variations added
  • Headers now leverage master components
  • Sidebar now leverages master components
Figma Design System
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