Best education Resources for Designers

Building Beautiful UIs

Course on UI design

100 Things a UX/UI Designer Should Know

Helpful insights for UI or UX designers

Figma: create a Design System

Class on creating design system in Figma

Type Terms

Learn typographic terminology

Website Color Schemes

The Ultimate Guide on Website Color Schemes

Learn Anything

Learn something new!


Collection of thinking tools and frameworks

iOS vs. Android App UI Design: The Complete Guide

Guide on the differences between iOS and Android app development

A Dictionary of Typography

Well-organized dictionary of typography terms

Staff Design

A collection of interviews of product designers


Awesome portfolios and case studies

UI Coach

UI Design Challenge Generator & Anonymous Feedback Platform

Built for Mars

UX Case Studies


A random generator for design briefs.

Smart Responsive UX Design: Clever Tips, Tricks and Techniques

SkillShare class on creating responsive UX designs


Playbook helps designers achieve their career goals

Eye-Opening Examples of Good & Bad UX Design

Examples of good and bad UX design

The 5 Biggest UX Mistakes Turning Your Users Off

UX mistakes that result in lost conversions

UX Writing and UX Design: How to Bring Them Together

Strategies to break the barriers between designers and writers.

UX/UI Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Article on the latest design trends of 2021

ProApp : Learn Design

App to become a Pro designer

How to Collaborate with Stakeholders in UX Research

Article on why collaboration in UX research is important

What Is Zero UI?

Introduction to zero UI and it's significance

5 psychology secrets for great interaction design

Psychology of Interaction Design

How to Use the Best UI Design Patterns

Guide on how to use UX patterns

What Are User Flows In User Experience (UX) Design?

Introduction to user flows in UX

Design System Checklist

Checklist to build better design systems

Apple Developer

Helpful resources for Apple Developers

Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design

In-depth introduction to product thinking

Gestalt principles in UI design.

Become a master manipulator of Visual Communication

What Is User Experience (UX) Design?

In-depth introduction to UX design

Psychology in Web Design: How to Create a Hero Section That Converts

SkillShare class on creating a Hero Section

Inclusive UX: Designing Websites for Everyone

SkillShare class on Accessibility

The Importance of UX Strategy

Article on UX strategy and its significance

A Comprehensive Guide To Product Design

in-depth product design guide

10 Web & UX Design Statistics You Can’t Ignore

10 Powerful Web And UX Stats

53 Tech Terms You Need to Know as a UX Designer

Your A-Z list of UX tech terms in plain English

7 Unbreakable Laws of User Interface Design

7 Laws of UX design

52 Research Terms you need to know as a UX Designer

Your A-Z list of research terms in plain English

UX Fundamentals For Graphic Designers

Build Your First App With Adobe XD

UX Companion

Mobile app to learn UX jargons and concepts

UX Timeline

See how some of today's best companies have evolved

Really Good UX

UX design inspiration

Weekly Product Design Exercise

Weekly newsletter on design exercises

Don’t Make Me Think: 20 Wise Thoughts about Usability

20 Wise Thoughts about Usability

UX & Web Design Master Course

Udemy course on UX and Web Design

Pricing Design Work & Creativity

Helpful insights on pricing design

13 Tenets Of User Experience

13 beliefs on the value of user experience

5 Principles of Visual Design in UX

Principles that impact UX/UI

The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX

In-depth guide to use animation in UX

UX Challenges

UX Design Challenges

Remote Starter Kit

All your life-saving remote tools at a glance

Landing Page Checklist

100+ tools to build a landing page

Inside Design

Thoughts on users, experience, and design

The Creative Brain – Netflix Documentary

A new documentary about human creativity

UI & Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC

Create Interface and web design using Adobe Illustrator

Productivity for Designers: 11 Tips to Revamp Your Workflow with DKNG

Productivity tips for creatives

From Psychology to User Experience

Incorporating psychology on UX design

The fundamentals of understanding color theory

Guide on Color Theory

Typography Design 101: A Guide to Rules and Terms

Comprehensive guide on Typography

The DIY Graphic Design Toolbox

Take your graphic design skills from Average Joe to DIY Pro

The Ultimate Startup Checklist

168 point checklist for building a startup

How to Create a Complete Branding Guide

Step-by-step process of creating a brand guide

Learn UX Design

Complete online video course on UX design

Airbnb Design

Airbnb Design System

Learn UX: Flinto Course

Course on creating better prototype with Flinto

The Website Launch Checklist

Step-by-step checklist for launching a website

Ultimate web design course

Web design course by Webflow University

UI/UX Design Bootcamp

9-month long course on UI and UX

Learn UI Design

Confidently design beautiful user interfaces for any app or site.

Sketch Course – UI Design

SkillShare class on Sketch for UI Design


A Pocket Guide to Master Every Day’s Typographic Adventures

Typography Glossary

Glossary of common type terminology

Learn UX: Usability

Course on Usability


A review of fonts & typography.

I Love Typography

Blog about typography

Grain Edit

Modern Graphic Design Inspiration blog

Streamline your workflow: The efficient UI/UX design process in Figma

Skillshare class on efficient UI/UX design process in Figma

Professional Web Typography

Theory and practicality on web typography

Simple Mockups 2.0

Drag & Drop 3D mockup scene builder

Color for Creatives

Go beyond theory and learn color like a pro

Learn Adobe Xd Web design

SkillShare class on Adobe XD

How to Find Clients

Course on finding more clients for creative people

Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability

SkillShare class on usability

Digital Product Design: Create a Compelling UX Portfolio

SkillShare class on developing better portfolio

Personas: Improve Your UX with Human-Centered Design

SkillShare class on personas for UX design

Understanding Typography

A guide on typography

Intro to UI/UX for Graphic Designers

SkillShare class UI/UX design

Intro to UX: Designing with a User-Centered Approach

SkillShare class on designing with a user-centered approach


Get ahead in UI/UX design

Intro to UX: Creating Great Omnichannel Experiences

SkillShare class on creating great omnichannel experience

Designing for the Future: UI/UX Prototyping

SkillShare class on UI/UX prototyping

Color Leap

Take a leap through time and see the colors of history


The best documentaries for designers and artists.


Library of user flows of successful products in the world

Humane by Design

Guidance for designing ethically humane digital products

UX Myths

Collection of UX Myths

Webflow University

Free web design courses and tutorials

Introduction to User Experience Design

Beginner course on UX design

Product Design by Google

Course on Product Design


Resources for learning design

Digital Design: Creating Design Systems for Easier, Better & Faster Design

Course on creating design systems

Move from Graphic Designer to UX DESIGNER

Course on moving from graphic design to UX design

Case Study Club

Curated UX Case Studies

Product Checklist

The best practices for building products — idea to launch.

App Launch Checklist

Actionable insights on how to successfully launch and grow your app

Typography 01

Push your design skills to the next level with Typography

Algorithm-Driven Design

Resources on how artificial intelligence is changing design

UI / UX Design Specialization

Courses on designing high-impact user experiences.

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