Best design system Resources for Designers

Mobile Chat Kit

Chat UI Kits + SDK Sample Apps for building in-app mobile chat.


Web App UI kit for Figma

Now UI Kit

A beautiful Bootstrap 4 UI kit.

Shuffle UI Libraries

1,500 pre-built UI components

Uber Brand

Uber Design System


BuzzFeed's CSS style guide

Airbnb Design

Airbnb Design System

Fluent Design System

Microsoft's Design System

Figma Material Design Templates

Build modern web app designs in Figma quickly & easily

Shopify Polaris

Polaris Design System by Shopify

Carbon Design System

IBM's open-source design system

Eva Design System

Customizable Design System available for Sketch, with mobile and web implementations

Ant Design System

Design system for enterprise-level products

Slice Design System

Make better UI with Modular Design System

InVision Design System Manager

Design system platform for collaborative teams

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